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Researching how to prevent cloud breaches?

Unlike any other attack path or sequencing tool, Skyhawk Synthesis monitors actual behavior in the runtime so you can understand how threat actors have penetrated your cloud and stop them in their tracks to prevent breaches.

Skyhawk has developed the only Cloud threat Detection & Response (CDR) solution for multi-cloud environments that provides observability into how an attack propagates by discovering and monitoring anomalous behavior in runtime. Our solution correlates multiple suspicious events into a graphical storyline providing the observability needed to determine how an attack is manifested. 

CDR products detect threat actors that are lying in wait in your environment in order to reduce your attack surface area, mitigate data leakage and thwart business disruption.

What you will learn in a demo:

  • What is Cloud Threat Detection and how are your peers reducing alert fatigue by using it?
  • What are attack sequences? Understand how attacks penetrate and progress through the organization.