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What is Skyhawk Security?

Skyhawk Security is the originator of Cloud threat Detection and Response (CDR), helping hundreds of users map and remediate sophisticated threats to cloud infrastructure in minutes. Led by a team of security professionals who built the original CSPM category, Skyhawk Security evolves cloud security far beyond scanning and static configuration analysis. Instead, using sequencing of context-based behaviors, Skyhawk provides CDR in a real-time ‘Runtime Hub’ - drawing attention to live critical sequences of risky events to distill and reduce the noise that other tools create.

Skyhawk is a spin-off of Radware’s (NASDAQ: RDWR) cloud security product.

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Skyhawk Security’s Synthesis Platform goes beyond static misconfigurations and provides observability into how an attack propagates, discovering and monitoring the full runtime picture of dynamic threats – alerting only when there is an actual threat to remediate. That’s why we call them Realerts.


Static & Dynamic Activities

Uses rule-based and ML-based detectors to understand personalized, relevant behavior in ‘peacetime’ and find contextual threats in runtime.


Runtime Hub

Incorporates user permissions and compromised identities to provide the observability security teams need to fully understand the cause of an incident. 


Threat Detection & Response

Realerts are recommendations based on correlated events created on a storyline - mitigating false positives and saving the SOC team's time.