IBEX Medical Case Study

Learn how IBEX Medical uses Skyhawk Security to identify threats before they evolve to embarrassing breaches.


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Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform

IBEX Medical knew there was valuable insights in their log data, but they did not have the manpower to mine and correlate all the relevant information. During the proof-of-concept, Skyhawk Synthesis determined there was an over-permissioned employee, but thankfully, it was only an employee. This proved to the security team the value of Skyhawk Synthesis Security Platform. It detected a threat to their cloud and prevented a cloud breach.

What you will learn:

  • How machine learning and AI prevents threat actors from circumventing our detection methods - threat actors cannot outrun Skyhawk Synthesis!
  • The value of runtime observability and how it is critical to detecting threat actors in your cloud.
  • How data, such as logs and telemetry data, can be mined to detect threats and deliver robust evidence to address security issues fast.